xDungFc – “Dungeoneering for the Advanced”

This friend chat is for dungeoneers who need an advanced team to help them advance in the skill of Dungeoneering and improve their abilities or to become a (True) Master of Dungeoneering. If you find that this is not the friend chat for you, feel free to browse the other friend chats on this wiki or suggest your own on the “Chat” section or in-game (by talking to xGRIN, Smokaluku, and Zenox)

This friend chat does have skill requirements:

  • 80 Dungeoneering
  • 110 Combat

There are also some additional rules, you must follow along with all clan rules:

  • Everyone listens to the keyer.
  • Everyone must have cosmic runes, to gate areas.
  • Everyone must have law runes, to cast Group Gatestone Teleport.

Here is how the ranking system works:

  • Recruit: 80-89 Dungeoneering
  • Corporal: 90-94 Dungeoneering
  • Sergeant: 95-98 Dungeoneering
  • Lieutenant: 99-120 Dungeoneering
  • Captain: Keyers
  • General: Leaders

If you are interested in joining, fill out an application below, by copy and pasting in a comment:

  • Dungeoneering level:
  • Combat level:
  • Total level:
  • Attack level:
  • Strength level:
  • Defence level:
  • Constituion level:
  • Turmoil?:
  • Dungeoneering experience?: